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What Parents Are Saying

  • "M. had a ball! He was so proud of all he accomplished and so excited to have met *real pirates*."

  • "Just wanted to say I love the project they did today, and [my son] is very excited about giving one of his special necklaces to his grandmother whose birthday is tomorrow. She will be thrilled!"

  • "[There's] nothing better than Construction Camp! My sons are only motivated to get out of bed on the days when camp is taking place! L. was especially psyched about the playhouse, something he wants to build upstate when we go in August. He is very proud of his work with you, Deb, and the pictures of everyone banging and sawing away are pure joy. E. came home with his "Black Tiger" plane yesterday and though you don't know the Black Tiger, it does exist…"

  • "[My son] absolutely loves your class. He couldn't fall asleep until 11pm last night because he was so excited about a project that he came up with for next week."

  • "Thanks for the pictures! L. said he loved camp and wanted to continue doing it! We look forward to future summers. In L.'s own words: ' I LOVED IT.'"

  • "I really wanted to thank you for a great week. [My son] loved camp with you and has been talking about it since. I'm grateful for all of your time and conversation getting him into the right class… ConstructionKids is one of the things that makes me thrilled about living in NYC!"

  • I went on a great trip to ConstructionKids today… The kids moved a number of heavy loads all around her woodshop, including 3 houses which they lifted with wedges and levers and then rolled on marbles! They experimented with loads and pulleys and fisherman's scales to measure the force needed to lift a load. They discovered that each time a pulley was added, the force needed to lift the load, was reduced by half. Finally, each child assembled a pulley (which they took home) with washers, nuts and bolts, decorated them and used them as zip lines. Deb is super organized; everyone was busy and engaged for the two hours we were there. [She can] design a workshop for almost any unit of study… I highly recommend her.
    —Teacher after a school field trip

  • "Thanks, Deb! What terrific photos! The girls are having a great time this week!"

  • "As I said to you when I picked her up, [my daughter] had a wonderful time. She was excited every day to come and it was clear that she felt very proud of her accomplishments. She was eager to show us her own as well as the group's projects. Her self-confidence increased greatly as a result of learning new skills this week. What more can a parent ask for?"

  • "Thank you for throwing such a phenomenal 4th birthday party for our son. You are an outstanding teacher and leader and everything was perfectly executed to keep the kids highly engaged and safe allowing us to actually relax and enjoy the party. We are all thrilled with the party and can't say enough good things about our experience with you at ConstructionKids."

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Age of Child: 5
Likes: Loved it, completely engrossed, proudly shows off all his projects.
What would you change? Nothing.
Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes
Do you recommend? Highly recommend
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I highly recommend Deb Winsor's ConstructionKids for summer camp. Deb is a caring, talented and conscientious teacher. Having your kid around hammers and saws without your supervision can be an unnerving thought but in Deb's hands, your child is in for a safe, educational and awesome experience. My son returns from a session with Deb energized and excited to get back to his project. Some projects at camp are determined by the kids but they always work on a big one as a team. My son's group built a small scale house that his whole class proudly fit inside! There is plenty of outside time since her shop is right off the park and a good staff-to-child ratio. I can't say enough good things about Deb and her team. We will definitely be doing ConstructionKids again this summer.
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