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ConstructionKids Is a Creative, Smart Team of Caring Professionals


Our staff ranges from high school students to teachers and woodworkers with decades of experience. We are like New York City: diverse, focused, and energetic. All of our teachers are skilled with the tools, materials, and safety practices that we teach children. In addition to English, French, and Spanish, some staff members can speak Russian, Latin, and/or Mandarin.     

Our senior staff is comprised of professionals in the fields of teaching, art, engineering, woodworking, and humanities. Many are working artists; all are skilled both as educators and craftsmen in our workshop. All senior staff are American Red Cross certified, background checked, and have received extensive ongoing training with ConstructionKids.

We are especially proud of our junior staff—they represent the best of NYC students: polite, professional, kind, creative, and funny. Junior staff are high school and college students, working with us during the summer and school year for camps, after school, and weekend programs. All junior staff must attend extensive training about our specific programs, as well as child development, safety, and career development. Many of them are American Red Cross certified in Basic First Aid, AED, and CPR. All of junior staff positions are paid; we do not host unpaid interns.
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Work at ConstructionKids

ConstructionKids is always looking for good people to join our team, both for our summer camp programs and year-round positions. You do not need to have carpentry experience or experience working with tools, but an aptitude for problem solving and working with your hands is essential.  

We need a wide range of talents to make our programs creative and engaging:
storytelling, engineering, math, music, history, tinkering, cooking are examples of skills that lend themselves well to the teaching that we do. Importantly, you must love to work with children...find them funny and interesting, be interested in how they think and grow, and be knowledgeable about their social, emotional and cognitive development.  

Jobs with us are challenging. Each staff member contributes in multiple ways and has serious responsibilities—that's why all of our jobs are paid positions and we do not have unpaid internships. For those interested in junior camp positions, per NYS labor law you must be
14 years old to work for pay. All staff members attend paid training sessions; we offer Red Cross certification and job skills training for junior staff. 

If you are interested in working with us and are attending school, please send an introductory letter to 
Deborah Winsor (not text format, not casual email format... letter format) via email. Your letter need not be more than 4 sentences: tell us where you go to school, how you heard of us, and a sentence or two about yourself (hobby, favorite subject in school, babysitting experience or work with kids or no experience but interested, etc.) If you have a resume or list of interests/hobby send it, but it is not required. If you are under 16, please cc: your parent or guardian on your email to us.  

If you are a recent graduate or a professional, send a brief letter via email along with a resume to
Deborah Winsor.  

If you are a parent inquiring for your child, thanks for supporting them as they learn job skills. We take our role very seriously as mentors to young people in their first job. Part of this is the application process: writing a brief letter that is grammatically correct and appropriate. We will provide guidance about all the steps of applying for a job (email, interview, etc.). But any support you can offer them in the process is most welcome.

Thanks for your interest in working at ConstructionKids. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Staff Bios

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Deb founded ConstructionKids in 2008 after 20 years of work in the carpentry, contracting, and wooden boat trades. As her young son became interested in building and making, ConstructionKids grew from that teaching.
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Edwin is a senior educator and Project Development Specialist who has been with ConstructionKids since its founding. A Brooklyn native, he attended Eckerd College before transitioning into education, and has worked at the Maple Street School. Edwin is a devoted fan of the Yankees and Nets as well as a true Minecraft master,. But he is most committed to making learning fun and fulfilling for all his young builders.
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Jared is a senior educator and Operations Manager at ConstructionKids, overseeing day-to-day functions as well as special projects and large scale installations. Before coming to us he directed capital projects for the New York Restoration Project, managing the construction of parks and gardens around the city. Jared strives to help students find confidence in their abilities and express themselves creatively. When not at ConstructionKids, he enjoys being out on a river or up in the mountains.
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Greg is a senior educator and Administrative Manager at ConstructionKids. A graduate of Yale University, where he studied English, he makes sure our Facebook is fresh, our camps are cool, and our birthday parties are a blast. Greg thinks our young builders are the smartest, funniest, and most creative people he’s ever met, and enjoys their stories as much as their projects. A dedicated teacher by day, Greg is also a writer, musician, and actor who has driven some very big trucks.
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Ingrid is a senior educator and Director of Project Development at ConstructionKids, heading up the project prototype program and the woodshop fabrication team. A graduate of Wesleyan University, she has also built window displays for Saks Fifth Avenue and edited videos for Major League Baseball. Ingrid draws inspiration from the new, creative ideas that students come up with every day. If she isn’t designing new projects, Ingrid is probably riding a unicycle or journeying to distant lands. Ask her about her travels!
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Bill joined ConstructionKids after nearly two decades of teaching kindergarten at PS321 in Park Slope. Recently retired, Bill now consults and lectures on early childhood education as well as being our Senior Education Advisor. His teaching practice is informed by his own experience as a woodworker and artist. Bill finds that the process of planning and building helps children develop problem solving skills, fosters independence, and rewards perseverance. In his spare time, Bill does some building of his own, making 5-string banjos from scratch!
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David is our Program Administrator, overseeing registration, scheduling, and general correspondence. (If you’ve called our office, you know him already.) David holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in theater design from Boston University and NYU Tisch, and has 12 years of experience on, off, and “Off-Off” Broadway. When he’s not writing emails or taking your calls, David cooks, reads, and spends time with his one-year-old dapple dachshund Jasper.
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John is an educator and Project Development Associate at ConstructionKids, splitting his time between leading classes and fabricating project materials. A graduate of Colorado College, where he studied Philosophy and Studio Art, John has years of experience as a furniture builder as well as a counselor at Catoctin Quaker Camp in Maryland. He is passionate about helping students express themselves through the projects they build at CK. When he isn’t teaching or preparing our wood, John can be found reading a novel, riding a bike, or routing a cabinet.
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Kristina is a senior educator in the summer program at ConstructionKids. During the school year, she works as a teaching assistant in New York City public schools while pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Kristina loves to see students using their imaginations to create characters and stories for the projects they design and build. When she isn’t studying or teaching, Kristina is jamming away on her electric guitar or fishing in the deep blue sea.
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Daniel is a senior educator at ConstructionKids. A graduate of Guilford College in Greensboro, NC, where he studied business management, he has contributed to all aspects of ConstructionKids, from our transportation program to large scale installations and, of course, summer camp. Daniel enjoys helping young builders learn to use tools, and fostering the endless creativity that comes with those skills. Outside of camp, you can find Daniel playing Ultimate Frisbee, making giant bubbles, and riding the carrot-shaped skateboard he made at ConstructionKids!
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Johnna is a graduate of John Jay Secondary School for Journalism who will be attending Borough of Manhattan Community College in the fall. A veteran member of our summer staff, Johnna gets every camper excited about building, and loves showing off her skills during Skateboard Week. In her free time—and at camp too—Johnna dances like a pro, writes beautiful poems, and tells amazing stories. If you’re lucky, she might tell you one!
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Leslie attends the New York City College of Technology, where she is studying Liberal Arts and Sciences. She has worked in the past with children and adults with special needs, and was the captain of her volleyball team in high school. Always on the move, Leslie loves helping young builders make projects they can take for a ride, like go-carts and skateboards.
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Aiyana is a student at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Manhattan, as well as an avid photographer who takes amazing pictures of young builders and the exciting new projects they create at ConstructionKids. She is passionate about science and history, reading and drawing, and listening to all kinds of music.
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Krzyzstof is a graduate of Midwood High School and will be attending SUNY Oswego in the fall to study physical therapy. He plays lacrosse and soccer, speaks five languages (English, Polish, Spanish, Russian, and Ukranian), and loves helping young builders get creative with wood.
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Soledad is a student at Bard High School Early College in Manhattan who has worked in the past at the Maple Street School and is consistently impressed by how innovative and independent young builders can be. Soledad herself is an accomplished athlete, musician, writer, and traveler, but is most proud of the flowers she builds at ConstructionKids. Ask her to show you!
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Nakiya is a graduate of Sayreville War Memorial Hih School who will be entering a nursing program in the fall. She has worked at a Jes Good Rewards Children’s Garden in Brownsville, helping with composting, planting, and events. At ConstructionKids, Nakiya loves watching projects grow—along with young builders’ imaginations. Her own projects include painting, sculpture, and creating original jewelry.
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Maddie attends the University of Delaware, where she is studying Early Childhood Education. She has worked as a counselor at Frost Valley Summer Camp as well as the Atlantic Theatre Company Acting School, and hopes to travel and work with children around the world. Maddie loves seeing first-time builders learn new skills and make amazing projects at ConstructionKids. Deeply involved with the theater, she stage manages and directs plays on campus.
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Leslie L. is a student at Eleanor Roosevelt High school who plans to study history in college. Leslie loves children and their unique perspective on the world; when she isn’t teaching young builders at ConstructionKids, she babysits and volunteers at her congregation’s Hebrew school. Leslie is an avid reader, a green belt in Ju Jitsu, and a multi-instrumentalist who once played guitar in a summer camp rock band!
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Elijah is a graduate of Benjamin Banneker Academy who will be studying education in the fall. He hopes to make a lasting impression on his students and loves helping them discover their talents. Other than teaching, Elijah’s passion is music; he loves listening to jazz, playing electric bass, and giving guitar lessons to young musicians.
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Tina attends the Smith School, where she is a dedicated student of history. She has experience with animals, working with a local veterinarian and pet-sitting for neighbors. Tina is a patient and caring teacher who makes sure that all our young builders have a great time at ConstructionKids. At home, she draws, practices yoga, and plays the djembe, a West African hand drum.
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Sandro is a student at Bard High School Early College, where he is passionate about his study of Latin. At ConstructionKids, Sandro loves working with young builders to help them invent and develop ideas for projects large and small. Outside of camp, Sandro is a gardener, a cook, a basketball player, and a poet.
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Caleb is a graduate of Samuel J. Tilden High School who will be studying Business Management at the College of Staten Island in the fall, and hopes one day to open his own business. The inventor of Caleb’s Hammers, he loves seeing young builders get creative with their workspace as well as their work. Caleb is a well-dressed fashionista who loves playing basketball with athletes of all ages.
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Brittney is a student at Pennsylvania State University where she is studying Early Childhood Education. She has worked at Madison Square Boys & Girls Club and Avenue B Christian Academy Preschool, and hopes to teach third or fourth grade in the future. Brittney loves the limitless possibilities for building at ConstructionKids and the one-of-a-kind vehicles that young builders make. In her free time, Brittney has fun with her family: jumping rope, reading stories, and acting out scenes that she pulls from a hat!
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Amanda is a graduate of Midwood High School and will be attending SUNY Binghamton next fall. Amanda has worked as a counselor at Camp Ma-He-Tu in upstate New York, where she attended as a camper since she was eight. In school, her talents range from sports and music to student journalism; at camp, she is all about paint! Creative, colorful projects are her favorite.
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Brianna is a student at Benjamin Banneker Academy as well as a participant in New York University’s Science and Technology Program, where she takes classes in science, technology, engineering, and math. She puts her technicals skills to work with our young builders and loves getting involved with their projects, no matter how complicated they turn out to be! In her free time, you can find Brianna in the library, at the movies, or roaming through the city with her friends.
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Kim is our Social Media Intern. A student at the University of Delaware, where she studies Mass Communications and Advertising, Kim joins ConstructionKids with extensive experience in social media and marketing, and previously created content for her college’s Facebook and Tumblr pages. An active crafter herself, Kim is excited to be working with our young builders and seeing their imaginative projects.
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Sophia is a student at the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY. She has years of babysitting experience, and feels inspired by the creativity of every young builder she works with. Sophia is an avid horseback rider and visual artist who is also fluent in American Sign Language.
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Julia is a student at the New York Harbor School. She thinks kids are fun, funny, and bright, and loves to hear their thoughts and jokes. Julia is a runner and a reader who takes very good care of her cat, her two reptiles, and her many, many fish.
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Terene is a student at Virginia State University, where she studies physical therapy. A veteran summer camp counselor, she loves helping young builders reach their goals, as well as sharing in their feelings of accomplishment and joy. Terene loves all styles of dance, from African to ballet, and shows off her moves during rainy-day dance parties at ConstructionKids.
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Granville is a student at NYU Polytechnic, where he studies computer engineering. He has tutored math, science, and English, and is thrilled to work with our young builders, who inspire him with their ideas and excitement. Granville speaks both English and Spanish, but his favorite language is Computer! In his free time he learns new coding languages and gets better at the ones that he already knows.
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Allie is a student at the Packer Collegiate Institute and has had a lifelong fascination with children’s personalities, imaginations, and social development. She is always there to answer a question or hear about a cool idea. An expert baker of tasty desserts, Allie is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer. Keep an eye out, because you just might catch her coming up with a new move!
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Mia attends Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, where she is studying screenwriting and sociology. She has past experience as a mentor and peer leader, and loves working with passionate young builders at ConstructionKids. As an athlete, Mia has played everything from softball to Ultimate Frisbee, and as a certified scuba diver she has swum with everything from clownfish to whale sharks!
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Devon is a student at Laguardia Community College, where he is studying to become a firefighter. He has been working with children since he was 12 years old, and loves brainstorming ideas with our young builders. Devon is a talented and passionate singer who dreams of one day performing professionally.
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Colin is a student at Xavier High School who has worked in the past with children and adults with special needs. He loves helping young builders make beautiful projects they are excited to play with at camp and proud to take home at the end of the week! Colin plays rugby, runs track, speaks French, and cooks delicious meals with his friends.
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Izzy is an educator in our summer program who joins us from the Lefferts Gardens Charter School, where she has been teaching elementary school since 2007. Izzy loves working with her hands and seeing growth in our young builders and joy in their proud parents. She is also a bookworm who swims like a fish!