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ConstructionKids Is a Creative, Smart Team of Caring Professionals

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Our staff ranges from high school students to teachers and woodworkers with decades of experience. We are like New York City: diverse, focused, and energetic. All of our teachers are skilled with the tools, materials, and safety practices that we teach children. In addition to English, French, and Spanish, some staff members can speak Russian, Latin, and/or Mandarin.     

Our senior staff is comprised of professionals in the fields of teaching, art, engineering, woodworking, and humanities. Many are working artists; all are skilled both as educators and craftsmen in our workshop. All senior staff are American Red Cross certified, background checked, and have received extensive ongoing training with ConstructionKids.

We are especially proud of our junior staff—they represent the best of NYC students: polite, professional, kind, creative, and funny. Junior staff are high school and college students, working with us during the summer and school year for camps, after school, and weekend programs. All junior staff must attend extensive training about our specific programs, as well as child development, safety, and career development. Many of them are American Red Cross certified in Basic First Aid, AED, and CPR. All of junior staff positions are paid; we do not host unpaid interns.

Work at ConstructionKids

ConstructionKids is always looking for good people to join our team, both for our summer camp programs and year-round positions. You do not need to have carpentry experience or experience working with tools, but an aptitude for problem solving and working with your hands is essential.  

We need a wide range of talents to make our programs creative and engaging:
storytelling, engineering, math, music, history, tinkering, cooking are examples of skills that lend themselves well to the teaching that we do. Importantly, you must love to work with children...find them funny and interesting, be interested in how they think and grow, and be knowledgeable about their social, emotional and cognitive development.  

Jobs with us are challenging. Each staff member contributes in multiple ways and has serious responsibilities—that's why all of our jobs are paid positions and we do not have unpaid internships. For those interested in junior camp positions, per NYS labor law you must be
14 years old to work for pay. All staff members attend paid training sessions; we offer Red Cross certification and job skills training for junior staff. 

If you are interested in working with us and are attending school, please send an introductory letter to 
Deborah Winsor (not text format, not casual email format... letter format) via email. Your letter need not be more than 4 sentences: tell us where you go to school, how you heard of us, and a sentence or two about yourself (hobby, favorite subject in school, babysitting experience or work with kids or no experience but interested, etc.) If you have a resume or list of interests/hobby send it, but it is not required. If you are under 16, please cc: your parent or guardian on your email to us.  

If you are a recent graduate or a professional, send a brief letter via email along with a resume to
Deborah Winsor.  

If you are a parent inquiring for your child, thanks for supporting them as they learn job skills. We take our role very seriously as mentors to young people in their first job. Part of this is the application process: writing a brief letter that is grammatically correct and appropriate. We will provide guidance about all the steps of applying for a job (email, interview, etc.). But any support you can offer them in the process is most welcome.

Thanks for your interest in working at ConstructionKids. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Staff Bios

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Deb founded ConstructionKids in 2008 after 20 years of work in the carpentry, contracting, and wooden boat trades. As her young son became interested in building and making, ConstructionKids grew from that teaching.
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Bill joins ConstructionKids after two decades of teaching elementary school at PS 321. He has lectured about early childhood education and is an active woodworker, fine artist, and musician. 
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Myra is a working artist and educator with over 20 years experience in educational programming. She has supervised programs in several of Brooklyn's cultural institutions, including The Brooklyn Children's Museum and Brooklyn Cultural Adventures Program (BCAP). She brings enormous creativity and vitality to ConstructionKids.
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JD Is a student at Packer Collegiate interested in biochemistry. In addition to being great with kids and a wonderful team member, he is a first class competitive fencer.
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Soledad has been with us for two years and is one of our all-star counselors, a perennial children's favorite. She is a student at Bard High School Early College. 
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Jared is a Senior Educator and manages Special Projects and large scale installations for ConstructionKids. Before coming to us he worked for the New York Restoration Project where he managed park and garden design programs. He is an accomplished woodworker, gardener, and avid outdoor adventurer.
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Brittany is a student at Penn State University where she is studying Early Childhood Education. She is always upbeat with a constant circle of children around her. She joined us last year through the Brooklyn Navy Yard internship program and we plan to keep her forever.
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Lara is a recent graduate of Warren Wilson College. She has logged long hours in the workshop, mastering the woodworking equipment and details of our materials fabrication.
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Charles is an artist, a gymnast, and a graduate of Wheaton College, where he majored in Physics. When he isn’t building sculptures, hanging from trapezes, or solving science’s most challenging problems, he loves to cook for friends and family, and can often be found out sailing with a good book in tow (Game of Thrones or Calvin & Hobbes, depending on the day). He also speaks Italian. OLD VERSION
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Michele leads classes in our summer and morning programs with ConstructionKids. She also works as a teacher in re-evaluation counseling and is a mother of a 6 year old.
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Nakiya has been with us for two summers and is extraordinarily gift with young campers. She lives in New Jersey and plans to attend college in a nursing program next year.
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Caleb, the craftsman of Caleb's Hammers, is a senior at Samuel J. Tilden High School. He is easygoing, funny and incredibly patient with children. He is a favorite member of the staff—we are delighted to have him on our team.  
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Aiyana, a high school student from a family of teachers, has experience working with children beyond her years. She is soft spoken, has a great sense of humor, and is lovely with children of all ages.
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Edwin has been with us since the founding of ConstructionKids. He attended Eckerd College in Florida, before transitioning into education, working first at Maple Street School in Brooklyn.  He is a devoted Yankee fan and Minecraft master, but, most of all, he loves teaching kids.
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Sandro attends Bard High School Early College in Manhattan. He, along with Caleb, JD, Gabriel and Colin, make their parents and us proud by being the nicest, most polite young men you will ever meet. Sandro is incredibly patient, gentle, and a terrific role model for our young builders.  
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Kristina is a senior teacher with our summer program. During the school year, she is a para professional in the New York City school system and is pursuing a graduate degree in public administration. 
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John is a recent graduate of Colorado College. An accomplished woodworker, he was a senior counselor for several years at a Quaker camp in Pennsylvania and has a deep understanding of the role that summer camp can play in the social development of children.
Kirsten is our Program Manager. She handles all of our office administration and logistics. Previously Kirsten was a small business owner and worked in the corporate world. 
Colin attends Xavier High School in Manhattan. He has worked with children at summer sleep-away camp that he once attended for years.  Colin brings a wonderful enthusiasm and spirit to our camp weeks.
Madeline recently graduated from Bard High School Early College and attends the University of Delaware where she may study Early Childhood Education. She is incredibly organized and, while all our staff is very reliable and responsible, we are thankful beyond measure to have her on our team.  
Evelina attends Hunter College, majoring in biochemistry, with an eye toward a career in medicine. Fluent in Russian, she loves working with kids and brings a positive energy to our camp.
Amanda is a senior at Midwood High School and comes from a family of great teachers. She continues the tradition, joining us last year for a summer of building with ConstructionKids.
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Sophia attends Cooper Union where she studies photography and studio art, which allows her to experiment with wood, metal, welding and cardboard large scale fabrication. She has a quiet and gentle way with children and is a natural teacher.
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Johnna is a senior at John Jay Secondary School for Journalism. She is our staff writer, poet, skateboarder, and general manager of all things that move, including children. A member of our team for several years, Johnna is an energetic and engaging teacher and inspiring leader. 
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Leslie attended Benjamin Banneker Academy and currently studies at New York City College of Technology. She is gentle and steady with children and brings a subtle sense of humor to our staff. She came to us via the Brooklyn Navy Yard internship program and has become a core member of our team.
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Babacar is a student at the Brooklyn International High School. Originally from Mauritania, Babacar came to the U.S. with excellent carpentry skills and is interested in a career in architecture.
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Rosalie joined us in summer 2013. An aspiring art historian, she is an art student at Cooper Union and incorporates her unique insight into her creative work with children.
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Daniel is a senior at Guilford College where he studies Business Administration and Art. A veteran teacher for three summers at CK, he is wonderful with children and our resident skateboard expert. He also works in our office, managing components of the summer program financials and logistics.
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Chris grew up the son of a diplomat, living in Hong Kong, Dubai and other exotic corners of the world. After American University, he worked with the Peace Corps, NYC OEM, and currently teaches at Music Together.  
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Gabriel is a student at St. Ann's School where he is interested in Architecture. He's a thoughtful team player and a great role model for the older elementary age boys.
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Ingrid oversees both the ConstructionKids design workshop and is a senior teacher for classes and camp programs. A graduate of Wesleyan University, she heads up our project prototype program and woodshop fabrication team.