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At ConstructionKids, we use high quality tools that are scaled to children’s hands and strength, varying by age. Children are taught to use hand tools independently and learn to handle and carry material safely.

Power tools are used with adult supervision. Please feel free to visit before enrolling to discuss the tools, equipment, and layout of our work area.
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Our Lumber

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ConstructionKids uses only sustainably harvested domestic softwoods, primarily Eastern White Pine. Every 6-8 weeks we take a truck to a Vermont sawmill and purchase the 'cut-offs' from the manufacturing/grading process. These pieces are rough-sawn, 2-4 feet long and vary 4-16" wide. The sawmill produces several grades of fine lumber, the cut-offs are considered waste because of small imperfections (knots, checks, cracks, warps, etc). We bring the material back to the shop where we dress it, that is, plane the faces smooth, joint the edges, remove large knots, and re-saw into the pieces that you see in the shop.

We are especially proud of our partnership with the sawmill, in the end it's a lot of work for us and them to be doing the right thing. They have been at the forefront of responsible forestry practices for over 20 years, every piece of wood that goes into the yard becomes part of either a wholesale or recycling chain. We are pleased to be part of the responsible and sustainable forestry industry in the United States.
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The adhesives and paint are non-toxic, washable, school-grade material. Please feel free to contact us or visit before enrolling if you are concerned about allergies or appropriate materials.