Bklyner Recommends Construction Kids for Summer Camp Fun

Bklyner Recommends Construction Kids for Summer Camp Fun

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Our amazing friends at Bklyner hosted an exciting interview with Construction Kids Summer Camp Director Tony Kent. They discussed the value of hands-on building programs for kids in Brooklyn. An urban environment encourages creativity, collaboration, and exploration.

We wanted to share some of the highlights of the Q & A Session with you so you could see what our Summer Camp is all about. The interview covers the inspiration behind Construction Kids, the types of tools and materials children have access to in our programs, how quickly our program has expanded in the past eight years, and what to expect from our summer programs. We’re confident that you’re going to love our week-long Summer Camp as much as the kids do!

The Inspiration for Construction Kids is Learning and Exploring in Unscripted Settings

When asked what the inspiration for Construction Kids is, Tony explained how we created a space for children to learn and explore in unscripted settings. Kids are able to achieve this in a number of ways. One is by creating their own games and amusement, another is by not having adults micro-manage tasks, and the final is by exploring decision making skills in a relaxed, not controlling setting.

A need for this type of program in NYC was apparent. So, a space was created for kids to play, tinker, and make. It helps a child develop and is every bit as important as math and reading classes.

Kids Use Real Tools to Build Projects but Safety Comes First

The kids at our camps learn important lessons about safety. It’s a consideration Construction Kids makes through every stage of a project from designing to prototyping and finally teaching the lesson to your children. We use real tools and provide 101 lessons on how to use them so your kid is confident doing what he or she was taught.

Children learn how to hammer nails by striking them 500 times. This teaches them the right way to use traditional tools. It also boosts their confidence so that they feel ready to work on projects independently.

No Power Tools Available

Tony speaks about the power of traditional tools like hammer and nails and the absence of power tools. Most projects are hands-on and powered by your child, the builder. Technology doesn’t play a role at camp because we want to allow room for children to problem solve on their own.

They’re able to evaluate problems, come up with possible solutions, and determine which option is the best for the project at hand. Outcomes are successful in some cases and not as successful in others but always positive learning experiences. Kids take away a lot from camp.

A Company That Has Expanded Tremendously

Construction Kids has seen rapid growth over the span of eight years. We’re in 150 schools and offer field trips as well as afterschool programs. This is in addition to the summer camps we provide.

The camp experience caters to kids ages 4 to 6 and 7 to 9. The two camp programs are full of amazing new projects. Tony mentioned how excited he is for the Advanced Building and Cities project (for 7 to 9 year olds).

What Children Gain from Our Programs

We help builders take pride in a job well done. We give them confidence so they’re able to try new things and take risks. They learn that mistakes can easily be fixed with revisions and repairs.

We want to encourage you to contact us for more information about our summer camp programs. Your kid will love what he or she learns from us. You’ll love how excited they are to share their discoveries with you.

Rest assured that your kids are safe with Construction Kids. They will have an awesome time. They will learn woodworking and building skills as well as problem solving.

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