Five Great Ways Your Child Can Improve Their Problem-Solving Skills

Five Great Ways Your Child Can Improve Their Problem-Solving Skills

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Do you have a child who loves to explore how things work and build things with their hands? If you do, we have the perfect way for them to spend a week this summer. Construction Kids Summer Camp gives your young child the opportunity to explore, build, and come up with creative solutions to the obstacles he or she encounters along the way.


The problem-solving skills that they learn throughout the experience serve them well in life. Our hands-on building programs help them think outside the box, learn to communicate more effectively, and overcome challenges as they come up. Like you, we want your children to feel compelled to explore the depths of their creativity by trying new ideas.


Here are five great ways your child can improve their problem-solving skills:


  • By brainstorming ideas. Children become fluent thinkers with assistance. One of the ways this occurs is through question and answering sessions. When an instructor asks a child a question that has multiple right answers, he or she invites room for discussion. The other children at camp benefit from the process because they, too, have ideas they want to share. This allows children to see that some challenges have multiple solutions.


  • By reflecting on objects and situations taking place in the room. Asking kids to comment on their environment helps them better understand how it works. For example, what adaptations can they make to complete a project if a tool is missing or being used by another child? Instructors want to know how the child processes the challenge and what creative solutions he or she comes up with to overcome it.


  • By challenging themselves by answering open-ended questions. You know how important it is to engage your child in meaningful conversations. Our camp instructors do, too. We ask questions that provide kids the opportunity to give a multitude of answers. This helps them formulate a plan for the projects they complete before they start working on them. Any perceived challenges are introduced and discussed at the time of questioning.


  • By actively listening to their peers and instructors. Kids exercise good communication and listening skills. They learn how to follow directions and ask questions when necessary. They are provided a nurturing, hands-on learning environment, like the one you provide at home for them, where curiosity is encouraged and rewarded.


  • By trying things again and again until a solution is found. Practice makes perfect. Our instructors provide positive feedback so your child feels encouraged to seek out the right solution to the challenge he or she is faced with. Once a resolution exists, the child is told how well they have done so that they feel inclined to tackle the next challenge that comes at them.


The We at Construction Kids team offers hands-on building programs that are safe, entertaining, productive, and challenging. We give children the opportunity to see an age-appropriate building project through from start to finish. We provide them with the tools and instruction necessary to safely use tools such as hammers and nails to build with.

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