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A Construction Birthday Party Is a Blast!!!

Imagine what happens when you combine a kid's love of building, a bunch of friends, and a birthday cake. A ConstructionKids Construction Birthday Party is guaranteed to be much more fun than a regular birthday party. Why give your child a passive experience when it can be a creative group adventure? You'll want to bring your camera because there's nothing like seeing a roomful of kids building projects and playing building games.

A Construction Birthday Party is for kids in grades K-4. Each party is 2 hours long and offers a variety of projects, which can be tailored to age, gender, experience and size of the group. Each child goes home with a beautiful hand-built project and a balloon.

For each party, we provide: decorations, party supplies, paper goods, air and helium balloons, construction project materials, and our experienced staff. You bring the kids, cake, ice cream, and whatever food and drinks you want. Pizza, if you wish, can be ordered locally.

We offer birthday parties on:
  • Fridays, after school, 4-6 pm
  • Saturdays 11am-1pm and 2-4pm
  • Sundays 12-2pm and 3-5pm.

Our Cancellation Policy
We can accept cancellations up to four weeks in advance of the party. Your deposit will be refunded minus a $75 processing fee. If you need to cancel within four weeks of the party, we will not be able to refund your deposit.

Thank you for throwing such a phenomenal 4th birthday party for our son. You are an outstanding teacher and leader and everything was perfectly executed to keep the kids highly engaged and safe allowing us to actually relax and enjoy the party. We are all thrilled with the party and can't say enough good things about our experience with ConstructionKids.

Introducing... Go-Cart Birthday Parties!

ConstructionKids is taking parties to the next level of fun: go-cart birthday parties. Your kids will learn how to use basic tools to build our milk crate go-carts. Assembly is quick and fun, and there's plenty of time to hone driving skills and race around. Includes a pit stop for birthday cake so the driving teams can refuel. A great way to combine learning, team building, racing fun and a birthday celebration. Like no other party in the city!
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Construction Birthday Party—2 Hours, Kindergarten-4th grade

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Cost varies by the size of the group:
  • 8 or fewer kids    $300
  • Add $15/child for more than 8 kids
A Construction Birthday Party is a drop-off party, though parents are welcome to stay if they wish. All parties feature gender-neutral projects, so girls and boys alike will find fun things to do.
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Go-Cart Birthday Party—2 Hours, Ages 6-10

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Cost varies by the size of the group (up to 24 kids):
  • Up to 14 kids    $400
  • Add $15/child for more than 14 kids
Go-cart birthday parties are best for groups of 10 or more kids. Works well as a drop-off party. Note: children do not take the go-carts home after the party.