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Founded in 2009, Construction Kids believes that children are born to build! And, as their creativity grows, children require a broad palette of tools and materials to make things by themselves in order to learn about the world around them. We design programs, introduce materials, and teach tool usage that matches our builders’ cognitive, physical and social development ages.

Our Team

Our staff is comprised of professionals in the fields of teaching, art, engineering, woodworking, and humanities; all are skilled both as educators and craftsmen in our workshop. All staff are background checked, and have received extensive ongoing training with Construction Kids.

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What We Do

Construction Kids offers year-round instruction. Children learn to use real tools and get to build projects, in a safe and creative environment. During the school year, we provide hands-on field trips and after school programs for Pre-K to 6th graders, and Holiday Builds and Birthday Parties for children ages 4-9. During the summer we offer week long Summer Day camps at multiple locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Classes for Kids in Brooklyn
Materials are non-toxic and washable.

Tools & Materials

We use real high quality tools. Children are taught to use hand tools independently and learn to handle and carry material safely. Power tools are always used with adult supervision. We use adhesives and paints that are non-toxic, washable, and school-grade.

Safety is our priority.


Safety is our culture. Our staff of experienced tradespeople and educators are constantly attending to the safe use of every tool, piece of material, and floor space in our work area. Our culture of safety starts with the Construction Kids 101’s. Every tool that we use has a 101 lesson that our team is experienced in teaching. Your child will participate in a 101 for each tool before they get access to it.

For example, in our Hammer 101, children hammer over 500 times before they finish the lesson. Acquiring a level of expertise and confidence with a hammer before moving on to hammering into wood.

Sustainably Harvested Lumber

Construction Kids uses only sustainably harvested domestic softwoods, primarily Eastern White Pine. Eastern White Pine is the green choice because it has negative life-cycle CO2 emissions is renewably harvested.

Every 6-8 weeks we receive a track trailer of wood from a New Hampshire Sawmill. We are especially proud of our partnership with the sawmill, as they have been at the forefront of responsible forestry practices for over 25 years. Every piece of wood that goes into the yard becomes part of either a wholesale or recycling chain.

We are committed to be part of the responsible and sustainable forestry industry in the United States.

Meet Our Team

  • Brandon Counselor Construction Kids



    Counselor Brandon will be in his 3rd summer at Construction Kids for 2017. A college sophomore, he is a theater major. He enjoys film, acting and basketball. Brandon’s superpower is his amazing stories. No quiet time after lunch at camp is complete without a story about Brandon’s family.

  • Brian Bio Construction Kids


    Senior Instructor/ Camp Director

    Senior Instructor/ Camp Director Brian is in his 3rd year at Construction Kids. Brian leads our product development function at CK envisioning, designing, and building all of the new projects and themes at CK. A former NYC teaching Fellow, Brian leads our year round school programs.

  • Brianna


    A veteran instructor, she loves working with young builders on complex projects, no matter how complicated they turn out to be! In her free time, you can find Brianna in the library studying for her pre-med classes as an all-star college freshman.

  • Britney Camp Director Construction Kids


    Camp Director

    Camp Director Brittney is starting her 4th year with Construction Kids. An amazing Camp Director, she graduated with a degree in early childhood education. And her passion is working with children. Brittany has worked at Madison Square Boys & Girls Club and Avenue B Christian Academy Preschool. Brittney loves the limitless possibilities for building at Construction Kids and the one-of-a-kind vehicles that young builders make. In her free time, she has fun with her family and enjoys reading, painting, and music.

  • Caleb Senior Instructor Construction Kids


    Senior Instructor/ Senior Counselor

    Senior Instructor/ Senior Counselor Caleb is in his 4th year at Construction Kids. The inventor of Caleb’s Hammers and one of our most popular after school leaders and Birthday Party Leaders. He loves seeing young builders get creative with their workspace as well as their work. Caleb is a well-dressed fashionista who loves playing basketball, listening to Reggae, and can’t start his day without his turkey bacon and egg sandwich.

  • Deon Counselor Construction Kids



    Counselor Deon joined CK in 2016 because of his interest in working with children. Deon worked in the past leading hiking trips with teenagers in Brooklyn. He brings to CK a huge interest in sports, especially his beloved Bengals.

  • Edwin Senior Instructor Construction Kids


    Senior Instructor/Camp Director

    Senior Instructor/Camp Director Edwin has been with Construction Kids since its founding. Edwin leads our off-site school field trips during the school year as well as our after schools programs. A Brooklyn native, he attended Eckerd College before transitioning into education, and has worked at the Maple Street School. Edwin is a devoted fan of the Yankees and Nets as well as a true Minecraft master. But he is most committed to making learning fun and fulfilling for all his young builders.

  • felix constructionkids staff member


    Felix is our most awesome one-man cleaning brigade. Evenings and early mornings, Felix cleans all of our locations accompanied by the most fantastic selection of music: classical, Island, jazz, and country. On weekends he continues to build on his 17-year career as a competitive fast pitch softball player (pitcher)—his underhand has been clocked at 65mph! Felix’s family hails from the Dominican Republic and he is a proud Brooklyn father and grandfather.

  • Jose Woodworker Construction Kids


    Wood Worker

    Wood Worker Jose is in his second year at Construction Kids. Jose started as a trainee in our wood shop and has in 2 years become our most rusted wood worker. Jose always has a smile on his face and is known around CK for his unique sense of humor.

  • Josh Counselor Construction Kids



    Counselor Josh is in his 2nd year at Construction Kids. He hails from Long Beach, California and received his BFA in Theater Arts from UC Santa Barbara. When not teaching as a Birthday party leader and camp counselor at CK, Josh enjoys snowboarding, reading, movies, and cooking. Josh is a former children’s party magician and educator. He also speaks French.

  • Justin Counselor Construction Kids



    Counselor Justin is in his 3rd year at Construction Kids. a standout Counselor jokester, Justin works year round as a member of our birthday party and holiday build teams. He is an aspiring chef and is attending Brooklyn College. Justin is a self-professed playground basketball and soccer star and Pokemon master. Jordan is super excited about the coming summer and being able to show kids the awesome new programs—especially the advanced Bridge Building.

  • krzyzstof shop director Construction kids


    Shop Director

    Shop Director Krzyzstof started at Construction Kids in 2014 as a junior counselor. Since then he has worked in our woodshop and now heads up our camp logistics and fabrication team. While working at CK full time Krzystof takes night classes in business. He plays lacrosse and soccer, speaks five languages (English, Polish, Spanish, Russian, and Ukranian), and loves helping young builders get creative with wood.

  • nakiya camp director Construction kids


    Camp Director

    Camp Director Nakiya is in her 3rd year at Construction Kids. A Health and Camp Director for our Summer Camps, she studies nursing full time during the school year. Nakiya plans to someday work in a hospital setting. At Construction Kids, Nakiya is known for her amazing designs, project development work, and her constant smile. She loves watching projects grow and always has an interesting way of making our young builders challenge themselves to build even more creative projects.

  • Nic Counselor Construction Kids


    Wood Worker

    Wood Worker Nic is in his second year at Construction Kids. Nic joined CK as a high school intern and quickly became an invaluable part of our team. Nic works full time for Ck while pursuing his college degree.

  • Terene camp director Construction Kids


    Camp Director

    Camp Director Terene is in her 3rd year at Construction Kids. A veteran summer camp Director, Terene works year round running our administrative functions at CK. A graduate of Virginia State University, where she studied physical therapy, she loves helping young builders reach their goals, as well as sharing in their feelings of accomplishment and joy. Terene adores all styles of dance, from African to ballet, and shows off her moves during impromptu dance parties at Construction Kids.

  • Tony camp director Construction Kids


    Camp Director

    Camp Director Tony is in his 3rd year at Construction Kids. Tony runs the day to day operations of Construction Kids year round. He loves basketball and was a college basketball coach for many years and think the first 2 days of the NCAA tournament should be a national holiday. Tony joined CK because of his love of working with children in novel ways to teach math and science.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for good people to join our team, both for our summer camp programs and year-round positions. No carpentry or tool experience is necessary, but we do look for an aptitude in problem solving and ability in working with your hands.

We need a wide range of talents to make our programs creative and engaging: storytelling, engineering, math, music, history, tinkering are examples of skills that lend themselves well to the teaching that we do. More importantly, you must love to work with children – find them interesting, be interested in how they think and grow, and be knowledgeable about their social, emotional and cognitive development.

Open Positions

Currently we are hiring for summer camp and full year positions. Please submit your resume and cover letter to

Parents & Kids Love Us

"Arlo made his skateboard with you this summer and has been an avid, slightly-obsessed skateboarder ever since. He always shares with pride and joy the fact that he made his skateboard and people are always pretty blown away by that!

Thank you for igniting this passion and sense of accomplishment and pride! We have had many wonderful times with you and look forward to more!"

- Tanya, mother of Arlo (age 6)

"[Construction Kids] is the perfect mix of structure and flexibility. My son has fun and feels accomplished. The projects are extremely well organized. The staff is nurturing and supportive.

It's pretty amazing to walk into a room of little kids, most wearing headphones, all focused and safely using real power tools. The crew at Construction Kids breaks everything down into steps that kids can understand and then trusts them, which is unusual."

- Hilary, mother of Izzy (age 5)

“It’s been really exciting to see Lizzie come home every night showing signs of design thinking, and to hear Nate talk casually of partnering with a seven-year-old!"

- Alec, Father of Nate (age 4) and Lizzie (age 8)

“……..I would also like to thank you all for allowing me to register Logan these last few weeks of camp. He is having an amazing time, and my husband and I both see the positive effects this experience has had on him. We just moved here in May from Texas, and Logan has had a difficult/emotional transition. Construction camp has been a shining light for us!! The counselors are ALL so wonderful and have made Logan feel so welcome, thank you!!!"

- Kristen, Mother of a Logan (age 6)

“My son Mosi had an amazing summer at Construction Kids. I had heard about Construction Kids by word of mouth here in the neighborhood, and Mosi had visited CK on a field trip at school. Mosi was excited to go to camp everyday, to either start a new project, or continue working on something he had started building. He absolutely loved the camp counselors and made a lot of new friends each week he was there. We love Construction Kids because it fosters independence and creativity, both are so important during these formative years! Mosi left each week feeling proud and confident about the incredible projects he completed. I have recommended Construction Kids to a number of friends in the neighborhood and will continue to do so!"

- Melanie, Mother of Mosi (age 7)

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