Construction Kids Emphasizes Safety and Sustainability

Construction Kids Emphasizes Safety and Sustainability

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Construction Kids emphasizes safety and sustainability. We demonstrate this with how we source the materials we use in all of our building programs for children. It helps us create an ethical culture of safety which is well researched and considered. We put thought into where our materials come from, how the children in our programs will use the products, strengths, and weaknesses of the materials, and alternatives for the products we’ve researched.

Careful Deliberations are Made When Planning All Aspects of Our Programming

Everything we do is deliberate. Nothing is left to chance. We set up our room in a way that promotes safety. We consciously choose the nails we use in Hammer 101 after doing extensive research. We also apply this type of thinking to every piece of wood that we use in our programs.

It’s important for us to know how every piece of wood your child handles comes from. This includes how it was made, stored, and handled. We don’t take a chance on donated or found wood because we don’t how it was treated. The risk of it harming our builders is to great and something we won’t chance.

Found wood poses all types of threats. It could mold after being stored in a damp place. A four or five year old child could lick the moldy wood and become very ill. We will not let this happen which is why we are so deliberate in sourcing our materials.

Knowing Where Our Products Come From and Who Makes the Wood Available is a Priority

The wood we source is in align with our culture of safety. It was a family-owned business with roots stemming from 1946. The company’s long-time CPA stepped in and took ownership of the business in 2014. Construction Kids know the company and its people well.

From the people who cut the trees to the people who process it, we’re aware of who they are. We know how the wood is cut and dried in the kiln. These processes allow us to provide your child with a safe working environment at all times.

The best grade of Eastern White Pine is purchased by Construction Kids because it’s easy for kids to work with. They don’t have to hammer into knots or create designs around imperfections in the wood. Our materials are excellent quality and safe.

We Hire Our Own Trucks and Drivers to Deliver Our Materials to Us

We hire our own trucks and drivers to deliver the wood to us. That way, we know how the materials are tarped. We are very specific about how the wood is transported to us so this allows us to double check everything thoroughly.

We Carefully Store the Wood to Maintain a High Level of Safety at All Times

The materials are delivered to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and stored where only we have access to them. The loads that are delivered weigh approximately 5,000 lbs or 4,000 board feet. The growing demand for our programs requires us to keep this much wood onsite.

As you can see, we have a hand in every aspect of our programming. This makes safety and sustainability a real possibility for Construction Kids. We invite you to check out our hands-on building programs and enroll your child in one of them today.

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