Holiday Programs at Construction Kids

Holiday Programs at Construction Kids

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Schools may be closed, but Construction Kids is open!

We always love our Builders and Parents feedback! Because of your requests we are announcing our new build hours at the Brooklyn Navy Yard HQ start with our Holiday Build on Sept 5th. We are adding an early drop off at 8am. And adding a longer extended day until 6pm. Register now for our four September school is closed building days!

One Day Holiday Builds at Construction Kids

The seasons are changing. It’s getting colder, but it’s still building weather! Construction Kids offers single day camps during school holidays that your kids are going to love to participate in. We have many going into the fall and winter for your children to choose from.

Each program offers its own unique lesson plan and project. By the time the one-day camp is over, kids will have a hand-built item to bring home to display. If your children are creative and curious, they’re going to love Construction Kids. Even if they haven’t participated in our After School program or Summer Camps, they have a chance to hammer away and build something awesome with our directors and counselors. A few awesome highlights below. Hope to see you soon!

End of Summer Build TAPUT

TAPUT stands for Take Apart, Put Together. Held on September 5th, this program covers how to safely use hammer and nails. Then it teaches kids how to use hand tools to disassemble household objects.

Once that process is complete, children are encouraged to put things back together whatever way they choose. The goal is to get them to come up with their own cool inventions. Creativity is encouraged and rewarded at this holiday program.

End of Summer Build Big Rigs

Build a BIG RIG on September 6th! You can almost smell the diesel and hear the rigs passing on the right as our trucks take shape. A creative and fun way to finish up summer and phase into the first day of school.

Rosh Hashanah #1 Drawbridge

Build a Drawbridge on September 21st! Recently, as we drove across the Kosciusko Bridge entering Queens, our first thought was: We can build it! So to celebrate the new Kosciusko Bridge, and the 12 Bascule bridges of NYC, we are adding our newest bridge build day! Join us for a day of discovery, engineering, and master building.

Rosh Hashanah #2 Electric Houses

Be a Master Builder and Electrician for a day on September 22nd by building your own Electric House! The CK Electric House project is a creative and fun build that teaches safe tool usage while introducing basic concepts of electricity. Our Builders will learn to design and build a closed circuit that will light up their dream house!

Columbus Day Large Wigwams and Lenape Indian Inspired Building

On October 9th, kids learn how to build large wigwams and Lenape Indian inspired building. Enjoy part of the long weekend with us!

School’s closed? The Kids are off? Construction Kids is Open!

We will check in with you all again soon… but take a look at our one-day holiday build programs on Election Day (November 7th) as well as our winter recess programs December 26th – Jan 5th.

Our Holiday Programs are safe, fun, and memorable. Make sure to get your children signed up for them today. Make the remainder of the year exciting for them by helping them learn to build with their own two hands and develop skills that add success to their lives.

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