Manhattan Summer Camps

Thank you for a great summer in Manhattan. Camps still running in Brooklyn until the end of the summer!

Our HQ may be in Brooklyn, but we’re continuing to expand Construction Kids summer programs with our partner schools in Manhattan. Our summer programs run at the British International School of NY, Corlears School, Avenues: The World School, and Dwight School. . Our day is from 9am to 4pm, with doors opening for drop-off at 8:45am. An early drop off at 8am and an extended day until 5pm or 6pm are also available. Register your family for four or more weeks of camp and receive our Frequent Builder Discount of 10%. Not valid with any other offer.

Summer Camp for Ages 4 to 6:

Our mission is to nurture campers with active and creative minds. We encourage the imagination and problem-solving skills of our campers by showing them that they can learn to make anything they want with the help of some wood, a hammer, and some nails.

Advanced Summer Camp for Ages 7 to 9:

Designed for first time and experienced campers who are looking to challenge their engineering, problem solving, and critical reasoning abilities with complex multi-day projects. The camp weeks will incorporate traditional Construction Kids tools with our new power tool lessons and usage. These camps are great for Construction Kids camp alumni who want to take their skills to the next level!

Summer Day Camps
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  • Doors open for drop-off at 8:45am. Early drop-off is available from 8am. Our day begins at 9am. Children must be accompanied by an adult until they are signed in with our staff.

  • We have an early drop off starting at 8:00am and going till 8:45am. Registration and payment
    for early drop off are required before 3pm the prior day.There is a $10 per day fee for early
    drop off.

  • Our day ends at 4:00pm. But, there is an extended day until 5pm or 6pm available with advanced registration.

  • We have an extended day available until 5pm or 6pm. Registration and payment for extended day are required before noon of any day. 5pm extended day costs $10 per day, if booked in advance. 6pm extended day costs $20 per day, if booked in advance. There is an additional charge for late bookings.

  • We will only check out your child to an adult who is in our system as an Authorized Pick Up Adult. If you need to add someone to your child’s list, it must be done in writing by the primary contact person in the Active Registration System. We cannot accept this information in person during morning drop-off. Please email the name and phone number of the additional adults to

  • We don’t provide a transportation option.

  • Send two hearty snacks and a lunch. We do not provide food or snacks at any of our locations. All lunch items should be labeled with your child’s name. We do not have juice, soda or any other beverages besides tap water. Please do not send any glass containers with your child’s lunch or snacks.


    Send only non-perishable foods. We do not have a refrigerator or microwave oven at camp.

  • Children can wear anything they choose, though clothing should be suitable for an active day. We use washable school grade paints, but parents should send a paint shirt if concerned about clothing. No open toe shoes, no open toe sandals: sneakers, crocs and similar are fine. It’s really important that children be able to see; long hair should be held back with elastic, scrunchie, or hat.

  • We do not go outside or to the park. After lunch we have a quiet time for children to talk with friends, relax, read a book,or play with the board games, toys and projects at our camp site.

  • We remind all children to use the bathroom at appropriate intervals during the day. For the younger children we ask that parents send a spare pair of pants/shorts, underwear and socks… it’s an exciting day, as mindful as our staff is, sometimes bathroom accidents happen!

  • Our experience is that most children enjoy repeating a class or project. The second time they are excited and exhibit confidence, they ‘know’ what to do, and use the opportunity to do or create something they didn’t the first time.

  • Yes, if they are nearly the same age and that is your preference. We have found, however that keeping siblings together “so the older one will take care of the younger” to be a detriment to the older child and inhibits both children socially. The camp week as a whole will offer opportunities for siblings of different ages to connect with each other and ‘ground’ themselves.

  • Yes, pairs work nicely and larger friend groups have certainly worked out well. Our staff will help to strike a balance between having your child spend a fun week with buddies and giving your child the chance to meet some other nice kids.

  • After you have registered and paid for a summer camp program you will be sent a brief health questionnaire, plus we require a health form from your doctor.

  • If your child has special medicine in case of an emergency (Epi-Pen, Inhaler, etc.) we will check it in and out with the child each day and keep it close at hand.

    If your child has a regular prescription medicine, they must be able to administer it themselves as the City of New York does not authorize us to administer it. The medicine will be checked in and out each day, kept in a secure location and given to the child to administer at the appropriate time.

  • Tell us. Your honesty is the key to your child and the other children having a fun week. We make every effort to accommodate children with special physical, cognitive, and emotional needs. Construction Kids is a hands-on learning experience which may work well for children with alternative learning skills. Many children and our staff have enjoyed some special camp experiences as a result. That said, our staff is not specially trained or qualified to meet the needs of all children. Some examples that have successfully worked are: your child has an aide, an IEP, is receiving counseling, has a diagnosis of ADHD or OCD, or is physically impaired. Our workshop is a loud, active, and social setting and may not be appropriate for all children. Please email us before enrolling in camp to discuss your child’s needs, we will do our best to accommodate our diverse and dynamic community.

  • If your child will have an IEP attend camp, we need to have their background checked before they can be in one of the camps. Please contact us for information.

Parents & Kids Love Us

"Arlo made his skateboard with you this summer and has been an avid, slightly-obsessed skateboarder ever since. He always shares with pride and joy the fact that he made his skateboard and people are always pretty blown away by that!

Thank you for igniting this passion and sense of accomplishment and pride! We have had many wonderful times with you and look forward to more!"

Tanya mother of Arlo (age 6)

"[Construction Kids] is the perfect mix of structure and flexibility. My son has fun and feels accomplished. The projects are extremely well organized. The staff is nurturing and supportive.

It's pretty amazing to walk into a room of little kids, most wearing headphones, all focused and safely using real power tools. The crew at Construction Kids breaks everything down into steps that kids can understand and then trusts them, which is unusual."

Hilary mother of Izzy (age 5)

“It’s been really exciting to see Lizzie come home every night showing signs of design thinking, and to hear Nate talk casually of partnering with a seven-year-old!"

Alec Father of Nate (age 4) and Lizzie (age 8)

“……..I would also like to thank you all for allowing me to register Logan these last few weeks of camp. He is having an amazing time, and my husband and I both see the positive effects this experience has had on him. We just moved here in May from Texas, and Logan has had a difficult/emotional transition. Construction camp has been a shining light for us!! The counselors are ALL so wonderful and have made Logan feel so welcome, thank you!!!"

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