Meet the Construction Kids Team

Meet the Construction Kids Team

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Construction Kids is very proud of the different people that make up our team. Each staff member that makes up the hands-on building programs and exciting summer camps that we offer play an important role in our company’s success. Today, we’d like to highlight the work that they do and introduce you to some of the key members of our team.

Our Camp Directors and Senior Instructors

When your child participates in one of our programs or summer camps, they’ll be introduced to all the different members of our staff. The campers get to know CK Directors Tony, Nakiya, Brittney, and Terene who are responsible for summer programming and managing our team of counselors.

They’ll also meet Brian and Edwin, our Senior Instructors and Camp Directors. Brian is a former NYC teaching Fellow with three years of experience working for Construction Kids. He plays an integral role in both our summer camps and our year round school programs by leading product development. It is his vision that you see played out in the projects built by your child.

Edwin has been with Construction Kids since it was founded. He’s responsible for the off-site school field trips that take place while school is in session, as well as the after school programs that we offer. His love for building helps fuel his passion for the roles he plays with our company. Helping young people learn how to build with their own two hands is something he’s really proud of doing.

Our Senior Instructor/Senior Counselor, Caleb, sets the bar high for our other Counselors. He’s a mentor to Brandon, Brianna, Deon, Josh, and Justin. They all get to work with kids directly and be part of their overall camp experience.

Our Shop Director and Wood Workers

Krzyzstof is our Shop Director. He started his career with Construction Kids as a junior counselor and is now the head of our camp logistics and fabrication team. An ambitious young man, he speaks five languages, takes business classes at night, and plays both lacrosse and soccer. He incorporates his love for learning into everything he does for our company.

Krzyzstof oversees Jose and Nic, our Wood Workers, who supply us with the materials used in all our builds. Once the wood we have carefully sourced arrives at our location, they’re the ones who handle it so it remains safe for your child to use.

Our “One-Man Cleaning Brigade”

Last but not least, we’ve got our powerhouse cleaner, Felix. He takes care of all our locations by himself and still finds time on the weekends to work on his pitching speed. For over seventeen years, he’s had a career as a competitive fast pitch softball player.

Construction Kids is the success it is today because of our staff. Your children thrive because of the connections they make at camp and our after school programs. Through guided instruction and encouragement, kids are able to grow, create, and innovate.

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