Reflection on the First Couple Weeks of Camp

Reflection on the First Couple Weeks of Camp

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Looking back at the first couple weeks of camp, we’ve seen just how creative and imaginative your children are. We’ve seen how quickly they demonstrate what they’ve learned from our instructors, and we’re excited to share their experiences with you so you can see firsthand what your kids are doing at Construction Kids Summer Camp.

Marble Madness and Advanced Bridge Building Camps

Our youngest campers, ages four to six, got to participate in our Marble Madness and Advanced Bridge Building Camps, hosted at the British International School. Children learned how to build their own marble games using a variety of tools.

The kids built plinko boards, marble runs, marble jump boxes and more during the camp. They astounded us with how skilled they’d already become using a hammer and nails. The games they made here are ones they’ll cherish and play for years.

Meanwhile, our older campers, ages seven to nine years old, built a true suspension bridge that can be stored in a case when broken down. The kids got to fabricate the major pieces of the project, then construct the complex model themselves. Taking pride in a job well done, they couldn’t wait to share their experience with you, their parents and guardians.

Make Your Own Erector Set and Wheels & Bridges Camps

Avenues: The World School hosted both our Make Your Own Erector Set and, a big camper favorite, our Wheels & Bridges Camps. Each camp created their own projects. The four to six year olds built many different types of bridges, as well as the vehicles that traverse them.

The seven to nine year olds got to use advanced tools such as cut boxes and drill presses. They were able to safely and successfully build erector set cases and erector set pieces. They learned the valuable skills of working with a new set of tools and gained satisfaction in a job well done.

Building & Cities and Advanced Buildings & Cities Camps

At the Construction Kids HQ, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, we hosted the Building & Cities and Advanced Buildings & Cities camps. The youngest campers got to create buildings, vehicles, and accessories for their cities. They’re now continuing to fine tune their projects by adding details to what they’ve already built.

The older campers created blueprints that they later fabricated. Their final step was to construct a frame to erect the central structures of their cities and towns. They got to see their projects come together one step at a time.

Our Camps Provide Children with an Experience of a Lifetime

The photos shared here help demonstrate how our hands-on building programs work. Your child will have the experience of a lifetime at our camps, and you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that they’re being challenged in a safe environment where their ideas are encouraged and honored.

Thank You for Your Ongoing Support of Construction Kids

We love being a part of your child’s summer and want to thank you for supporting Construction Kids. We can’t wait to see what takes place the next few weeks at building camp!


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